Saturday, January 16, 2010

9 Months Already

Little Mr. D has turned 9 months old. Its hard to imagine already and time will just continue to fly by. Every day he is learning new tricks, growing into his own little personality and just loving life.

Drew now has 5 teeth showing, with two still on the way. His poor little gums have been swollen for those other two teeth for some time now, so I hope for his sake they come soon.

He is moving so quickly with his army crawling and any day now, he will blast off on his hands and knees to get around. Just today he was trying to figure out what to do while up and rocking back and forth. He moved ever so slightly with his hands and knees, but then would quickly flop back on his belly. Drew's also trying to pull himself up on things, he can get his upper body off the ground, but he hasn't figured out how to pull his lower body under him.

When you hold his hands while he is standing up, he tries to pull away, but he can't stand alone yet, but he really wants too. We try to have him walk a little and he hesitates while moving his feet a little, but we have some work to do in that department.

He said da-da first a couple of months ago and has been non-stop with it. Just this last couple of weeks he's been saying ma-ma more and more. It just melts my heart when he says it!!

Drew is doing so well. I can't wait to experience all the new things he will figure out this month. I keep telling him he has to get a job, but that isn't sinking in yet. Maybe next month!!

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