Monday, January 18, 2010

Right Now Wish Items

Since I shared my large item wish list, now its time to reveal my right now wish list. This list is all about things I'd love to happen right now. Its not much, but to me it would be the best thing to happen these days.

1. Drew to Sleep through the night.
This is a daily request to my little boy, but he still wakes up in the middle of the night. Now-a-days it could be from teething since he crys out in his sleep, but then an hour shy of waking up for the day, he's awake. I consider up for the day at 5am. So, if he would just sleep to 5am or later, it would be fantastic!!

Well, that's about it!! We are in the process of trying techniques, taking suggestions and just listening to my inner voice on how to sooth the little guy to sleep through the night. I do have to say, he has slept for 4 nights all through the night, but I would like some more please!!

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