Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wonderful Day Together

Today, Drew and I are home together. We are having so much fun and Drew especially. He now has so much room to move around in our living room these days. The other night, we baby proofed and moved things around since Drew is starting to get around more and more each day. He has the middle of the living room all to himself to do what ever his little heart desires.

This morning, we snuggled together for a nice long nap on the couch. After we woke up, it was off to the grocery store and then we had a lunch date with daddy. We went to Jeff's work to visit him at lunch time and had a great little visit with him and Grandpy (since they both work at the same place).

After lunch, we came back home so we could all visit with Drew's Grammie and Grandpa. They came over after we got home. My mom is having withdrawals with not being around him with the holiday time off.

Now, my mom is trying to convince Drew its time for a nap. Um, he's not listening very well. He's still rolling all over the floor, playing with all his toys, talking and giving us raspberries with a giggle thrown in there once-in-awhile. Regardless what the rest of the day brings, its been a great day together.

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