Monday, December 14, 2009

Original Santa

Drew visited Ol' St. Nick again. This was the original planned visit before we found out about the Santa in Maryland.
I was curious if Drew's reaction was a one-time thing when he sat on Santa's lap (the no screaming, crying or kicking). So, I was prepared for anything when he approached the jolly old elf this time.
This Santa visit was located at a local park with their own Santa land. There were lights outside, guiding the way to the warm and cozy cabin where Santa was visiting. We walked in and there was no line. All the people inside were waiting for their photo. So, we took Drew's hat and coat off and Jeff walked Mr. Drew up to Santa. I stood behind the camera for funny enforcements if needed.
Jeff placed Drew on Santa's lap and Drew just starred in amazement. It was hard turning that boy's attentions away from the guy in red, but we finally did to capture the picture. Drew was all serious though, but no tears. Mr. Clause said that Drew was the first little one of the night who did not fuss. Wow! I am still amazed!!

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Chillygator said...

That's a darling picture!