Friday, December 11, 2009

Its Me!!

Hi everyone, Drew here!!

Its been sometime since I've gotten a chance to chat with my fans. But, I've been a busy little boy. My mommy and the rest of my family have been on the go visiting my big brother and getting ready for Christmas.

I love my big brother and I can't wait to see him next weekend. I can't believe he will be 12 years old. I can't wait until I'm 12 years old. I will be able to do big boy stuff just like him! I know my mommy doesn't want me to be 12 anytime soon, but she can't keep me a baby forever.

But, man have I surprised everyone with showing them all my tricks that I choose to show them at the moment. I love to see their faces when I roll, roll, roll around the room Seeing their reactions amaze me just makes my day. I can't wait to show them my crawling moves (since how else would I make it to mommy's computer). I give them all a taste and I hear shrieks of excitement. I move my hips while I push up on my arms and they all go crazy. I can't wait to see their reactions when I just take off.

Oh, and let me tell you this. Teeth hurt when they come it. I got two it two weeks and it wasn't fun. I have to get used to those things, but its fun trying new foods. Some of the things I eat are delicious, like the apples and sweet potatoes. Then there are other things that taste so funky, like squash and pea's....yuck! But, I take a few bites just to please my mommy.

But, what I've heard, I can't wait to experience this Christmas thing. As you already know, I've visited with Santa and he is so jolly. I love the feel of his beard! When mommy and grammie hung up all the Christmas decorations, it made things so beautiful. I heard there are gifts too. I don't care whats inside, just give me the empty boxes, bows and paper. I can't wait!

Well, I think my mommy has told you everything that's new with me, but I wanted to say hi to everyone and can't wait to see what Santa leaves me under the tree (since I whispered my list to him when I sat on his lap a few weeks ago).

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