Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ok, what happened?

The other day, Jeff and I had a misunderstanding through a text message. It was quite comical afterwards when Jeff explained his interpretation of my text.

The message was-

Jeff - "How was your day? Mine ok"

Amanda - "I got shot today, on my way to pick up the baby"

It was my response that confused Jeff, but he didn't say anything until we got home after work.

What I meant was, I got my H1N1 shot today and I'm on my way to pick Drew up for his appointment. But, this just goes to show you, that the texter (me), has to be a little bit clearer on messages!!

Jeff thought it was odd that I had been "shot' and I'm telling him by text and then going to get Drew (after my supposed injury). I told him later that if I ever did get hurt like that, I wouldn't have text him the message, I would have called. And then told him he would have gone to pick Drew up from day care.

I just laughed in amazement the interpretation of texts between Jeff and I.

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