Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Visit

Zack arrived on Friday early afternoon and just as quick as he arrived, he left yesterday afternoon. We had a jammed pack visit filled with fun, cake, presents and did I say fun?

We had two birthday party's this weekend. The first was for my SIL on Friday night. Yummy cake, fun and excitement for all took place that night.

We then had Zack's 12th birthday party on Saturday. He received lots of good stuff, including Nerf guns. Of course the "kids" had to try the guns out, so the "adults" who where visiting with each other had to dodge bullets flying through the air while all the kids played. Jeff at one point had to try out the aiming ability of one gun and told his dad to hold still. Yup, Jeff then shot his dad from across the room to try out the gun. Bullets were flying off the wall and his dads chest. I just sat in the corner, watched Drew play on the lap of my dad and shook my head at my 30-year old kid (yeah, my husband).

Sunday, we did something special for Grandpy John. He mentioned last week that he wanted to have a portrait done of all the grand kids since Zack was around. So, I helped him plan the event and all the kids were together on Sunday morning at Target for a photo session. We didn't get as much snow as predicted along the East Coast, so it was no problem heading to the mall for the kids to smile big and have their pictures taken. It was so nice to see them all together in one place.

Zack is now gone until the next time. We see him again in February in Maryland.

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