Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Great Visit

We had a wonderful visit with Mr Zack this past weekend. He is growing up so fast and it seems to go faster since we don't see him often like we have in the past.

He is growing into such a young man, its scary. I have a soon to be teenager as a step-son. Zack turns 12 years old in a few weeks, but next year bring on the teenage years.

Zack loves his little brother so much, it makes things run so smoothly when we are together. I was worried that he would resent Drew for so many reasons, but all that has melted away months ago. The other day at breakfast, Zack made a comment that just reassured what I thought about their relationship. He told me that he "will miss having the little guy around. I'll miss you guys (me and Jeff) too, but....." Then I said "yeah, yeah, I know its all about Drew now-a-days". Then he smiled.

I wish things were different so the boys could be together more, but how things are these days, we have to keep the visits up so they can maintain a great relationship regardless of the distance between them.

We will see Zack next the weekend before Christmas. We will celebrate his birthday and Christmas in that short visit, but it will be a blast as always.

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