Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Was there a Sat or Sun?

Tis' the season to be busy, fa la la la la, la la la la!

Wow, what a jammed packed weekend we had. I can't even believe a Saturday or Sunday even took place. I know I didn't have to work, but it was everything else we did that made it feel like it just flew by. I was saying Sunday night, where did the time go?!?

Friday Drew has his 6 month check-up (even though he's moving right along through his 7th month). He has a great bill of health, growing perfectly and off the charts. He height and weight are off the normal growth charts, but he is proportioned so there are no worries. The poor little guy had to have 3 shots and a liquid one to wrap up his visit. He cried, but quickly calmed down. I feel so bad and helpless when that happens!!

My mom and I almost finished our Christmas shopping on Saturday, but it was a day outing at the local mall. We payed off our lay-a-ways, had lunch, shopped for decorations and other items we thought of while we were there.

Saturday night we went to the first party of the season. It was Drew's first Christmas party too. It was a group of friends who got together to catch up, eat and relax. Little Drew was so well behaved too. There was a 16 month old there too and Drew just loved watching him and sharing his toys. To cap the evening off, we had our first major snow fall (yeah it was only a little more then an inch, but the snow stuck and now winter has begun).

Sunday it was time to decorate and clean. But before that, I ran to the store to finish up my Christmas shopping (yeah!!). Then we got home and arranged Zack's new room. His new room will be located in our finished basement area. He doesn't know about it yet, but he will have a TV in the room so I'm sure he won't mind too much since he travels with his Wii and now he'll have a place to hook it up to play (its our selling point).

After much cleaning, the house became a Christmas wonderland. Our tree and decorations are up. Drew was amazed when I turned the lights on the tree, he just starred and jumped up and down in his jumper.

After supper, I was finally able to sit down and relax. By the time that happened, the weekend was over. I needed last night to rest up for the rest of the week. Man am I pooped!

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Cherish said...

It's been crazy busy around here too. Im glad you're enjoying the holidays though, Merry Christmas