Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santa Clause Lane

While we were out shopping on the famed "Black Friday", we stopped in the Bass Pro Shop to peek at the camping gear and other outdoor goodies that massive store has to tempt us with. My dad caught up with me and mentioned that Santa was here (the store). I flashed a big smile and said "Santa?!?!".

I made a bee-line to the area where my dad said the jolly ol' elf was seated so Drew could experience his first time with Santa.

When we made it to the children's section of the store, we noticed Santa's area. There was no line and no one else in the area. This is great I thought, we had Santa all to ourselves.

I picked Drew up out of his stroller as I kept saying, who's going to see Santa? in my most excited voice that he is so used too!! Drew had no idea what was going on, but he went along for the ride. We approached Santa as he stood where the line would have usually formed and mentioned to Santa that this was someones first time seeing him. Well, Santa took much pride in this and asked if he could hold Drew. I said of course. At this time, Drew was just starring at this guy, dressed all in red with a beard (a real one might I add).

Drew was in Santa's arms while they walked back to the big chair, all while my little boy starred at this strange guy. Then all of a sudden, Drew flashed a great big smile while petting Santa's beard. It was so nice to see Drew being comfortable around Santa. Phew, no tears!

Well, Santa did report that Drew only being 7 1/2 month's old does have a big list and will see what he can do about granting some of those wishes. Then the photo session began. Drew was starring at Santa so much there was only one photo we could capture with him looking at the camera, only because Mommy was calling him from behind the scenes. Then he went right back to starring at this strange guy.

Overall, it was a great experience for Drew's first time sitting on Santa's lap. Yeah!!