Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Miracle

Mom & Dad

My family had a true Christmas miracle happen this week. My mother gave us all a scare, but is doing fantastic. Could it have been the fight inside her, the way she pushes her self to exercise or truly a Christmas miracle? No matter what it is, I'm glad what ever it was worked.

Yesterday morning, my mom complained of tightening in her chest area on our way with me to drop Drew off at day care. It relieved itself quickly, but shortly after it returned after I dropped her off at my dad's office. When I returned to the building (my dad's and my office are in the same building) my mom complained the same feeling returned. My mom decided to go to the emergency room.

My parents went to the ER while I stayed behind in the event I had to pull Drew out of day care quickly since he is right around the corner from my work. After a long few hours, tests were done on my mom, an EKG and blood work. It turns out, my mom had a "minor heart attack". I don't want to call it minor since all heart attacks are serious, but this was how the doctor described it when he was explaining the results. The attack was only picked up by something in her blood work, not the EKG. She was then admitted into the hospital for more tests overnight.

Today she had an angioplasty (where a tube is inserted into a major artery to go to the heart to see if there is any blockages). It was found that she had a 90% blockage. The doctors were able to clear out the area that caused the heart attack, but left some behind in other areas that were not too serious. They will give her medication to help with those areas.

I visited with her this evening and let me tell you, she looks awesome! It was truly a blessing! I am grateful she listened to the signs of her body to get her into the ER and help the doctors find the blockage to avoid anything even more serious from happening. Tonight, she was so alert, looked so well rested and it just seemed like she was ready to take on the world again.

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