Monday, December 28, 2009

Our First Christmas Together

We celebrated Drew's first Christmas and let me tell you, it was tons of fun. The day did fly be between all the gifts, cooking, visiting, playing and eating, but it was a great time to be had.

Drew and I were the first ones up (I was up because of the little guy waking me up). I tried not to bring him in the living room to avoid the gifts since they were on the floor. Shortly after, Jeff and Grandpy woke up so we could start the fun of Christmas morning.

Jeff and Drew started with checking out what Santa left in their stockings. Drew needed some help with his, so his daddy helped him look in the stocking to see what was inside. A book and a container of puffs were found. Drew was so excited!

After everyone else looked in their stockings, it was time to open gifts. Drew was placed on the floor next to me (I was there for assistance) to open gifts. The first gift was placed on his lap and he looked down at it and then up at me with the look on his face, now what? I tried to show him what to do, but instead the paper went right into his mouth! So, I continued to help him with his other gifts while he sampled the taste of all the variety of paper that was wrapped around all of his new gifts. It was too cute to watch!
As the day went on, my parents arrived for a gift giving session. Then later in the day, my in-laws arrived for the third present exchange and by then Mr. Drew was exhausted. He barely took a nap that day, and it was showing after we had supper late in the afternoon. But he was a trooper, dazing in and out of his little world, but you could tell he was fighting his exhaustion with all of his might.

But, everyone had a wonderful day and Drew had a great time too. It was wonderful to experience his first Christmas and visit with everyone too. I can't wait until next year!!

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