Monday, October 5, 2009

Pick a Seat Already!

We are having issues with our car seat choices. Drew out grew his Chicco infant car seat since it only holds baby's until they reach 22lbs. Well, Drew's weight flirts with that limit we'd rather be safe then sorry we decided to install his big boy car seat about a month ago.

The next day after the Eddie Bauer 3-n-1 car seat was installed, I knew it wasn't right for Drew. The reason being, Drew still has to be rear facing until he is a year old, so the recline didn't meet my expectations. The reason being, the poor little guy was sitting straight up (just looking at him made me feel uncomfortable) and when he feel asleep, his head would bob in front of him. I'm glad we discovered this before a long trip so we could change the seat out.

I was thinking the reason the recline wasn't working very well was because of my mini-van middle seats. There is a sharp incline where your toosh rests on the seat and since the car seat is snug into the incline, it reverses the effect of the recline of the car seat.

My goal was to find a car seat with a deep recline along with all the usual safety features. So while we shopped around for another seat, we put Drew back into his infant seat. We would keep the Eddie Bauer seat for Jeff's car, since he has less of an incline on his back seat.

Well, I found a car seat this weekend I thought would be great. I spoke to the sales person about my concerns while pointing out the potential seat that I was interested in buying. He reassured me that the seat reclines like an infant seat and will be good until Drew reaches 50lbs. It is an Evenflo Triumph Advance Deluxe Convertible Car Seat. We even received a good deal on it with the coupons I was collecting and a very nice Babies-R-Us employee who gave us her discount.

We got the seat home, installed it (in the rain) and tried it out. Well, the recline wasn't what I had expected (because of the mini-van seat, again), but it was much better then the first one. Drew leans back maybe an inch further then the Eddie Bauer one, so when he falls asleep (already tested) his head leans to the side rather then slumps forward. I guess its better that way, but I just wish they would come up with a car seat, in the next weight limit class that could fit into the infant car seat base, since he has to be facing backwards for his safety.


Brooke said...

No Way! Great minds think alike I guess because I went and bought that seat on Saturday. LOVE IT! I don't think I have the same incline problem you do but she seems to fit into it like a glove with a place to fall asleep!

floreksa said...

Just to let you know, those clips, should up a lot higher (in line with his armpits). That will help the pitching forward.

floreksa said...

OOOH! FYI - Nick's a certified car seat installer, if you want him to take a look.