Friday, October 16, 2009

6 months and counting

Today marks Drew's 6 month birthday. That little boy has come a long way since he was born.

He is eating cereal with a spoon and now can have fruit mixed in. He's rolling over (still one-way) like a pro but is working on rolling back the other way. Once he's on his belly, he can rotate in a circle.

Drew laughs, giggles, screeches and babbles all the time. He grabs his feet and tries with all his might to get that big toe into his mouth while he is on his back. He loves to grab one of his feet, while he's sitting up, with both hands and watch his big to wiggle. It is just too funny to watch him learn about himself.

He can sit up for a good length of time, but occasionally he still flops over to the side or for some reason pushes himself backwards so he lands on his back (either on the person behind him or the pillow supporting him). But, each day he sits up longer then the previous day. Soon, he'll be sitting up like he's been doing it all of his life.

Drew loves to people watch. He enjoys sitting up in his stroller while we walk around and he takes in the environment around him. But, don't stand still for too long or he'll get board and want to explore further. He'll let you know when he's board at what he's looking at.

This morning we had snow flurries, his first snow fall. We were walking out of the house so he can go to school and he kept looking at the sky and watching the snow flakes fall. It was adorable to watch.

The only bad thing for today, he has an appointment for this afternoon for his flu shot. I know its going to stink for him, especially on his birthday, but I've been waiting for him to turn 6 months so he can be protected.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!

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The Sweet Family said...

What a cutie-patootie!

Happy 6mos Baby Drew.