Monday, October 19, 2009

In Search for the Great Pumpkin

This weekend, it was all about pumpkins.

Friday night we tried on Drew's Halloween costume (he's going to be a skeleton for day care though) and he was so cute. So, cute I was laughing so hard I cried. I couldn't take a steady photo either, so Jeff had to help out in the photo department. We didn't try on the pants, but the we tried the top two pieces. His pumpkin hat didn't phase him one bit and its a good thing since there is no strap to keep it on.

On Saturday, our family and Jeff's brothers family, sisters family and father all went for a day trip through Vermont. We drove North on the highway until our first denotation, breakfast. After we ate, we took the back roads South.

We try and do this trip yearly and hit the same spots while we drove South on the back roads. So, this past Saturday was nothing out of the ordinary for us. We had hot apple cider with cider donuts, went to Basketville, outlets, a yummy little chocolate shop , lunch, a side stand pumpkin patch and then Yankee Candle.

Drew checking out the area

During the entire trip, the main focus was pumpkins. I couldn't wait to get a pumpkin for my little pumpkin. I was so excited we stopped at our usual spot and the pumpkins were all spread out so we can capture some cute photo's.

Ally relaxing in the pumpkin patch

Jayden hiding out in the wagon filled with pumpkins

Drew's pumpkin

Jeff chose the perfect pumpkin for Drew's first Halloween.

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The Sweet Family said...

I love Drew in his pumpkin costume; adorable!!