Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Visit

We had a great visit this past weekend with Zack. Drew got to show his big brother all of his new tricks (rolling over, spinning on his belly, sitting up with less support and babbling much more then when they saw each other in August).

We didn't get to go apple picking this time, since our plans had changed from a couple of weeks ago. We just couldn't find the time between people watching at the mall, buying things for the kids, enjoying Grandpa's company and visiting with family.

The weather was beautiful. It was a little cool in the mornings, but then it warmed up quite nice during the day. Before we left for the weekend, the forecast didn't look to appealing, but we were nicely surprised each day how sunny it turned out to be.

Zack definitely is growing up. You can see the facial changes in him from what used to be a little boy to young adult, its a little frightening to say I have a young man as a step-son. Also, that cell phone he got a few months back goes everywhere with him. He texts, call his friends takes pictures and makes video's of his brother when ever he can. Its too cute how many video's he did take of Drew. He recorded everything from hiccups, to him staring off into space, to rolling over and playing with his toes. It's so great to see Zack so amazed by his little brother. Its a wonderful feeling to know how much love there is between the two boys with so many miles between them. Drew just lights up when ever he sees Zack.

The only down side of the entire trip was that the little guy developed a cold. It caused long nights for me and Jeff (Zack slept through it all in the hotel) and then we had to manage enough energy to still be social and have fun with everyone. But, we managed and made the best of our long weekend.

The next time we see Zack will be for Thanksgiving in Maryland. I can't wait to see him and I'm sure he can't wait to see Drew (I mean us).

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