Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Memory Lane

The other day, I was ordering photos that were taken in the month of June. I am SO behind at ordering photo's for my albums, but everyone else is taken care of. I am on top of things when it comes to downloading, uploading, moving pics to websites and printing them for relatives who are out of state.

But, for my album....don't ask. But with looking back at "old" photo's, it bring so many memories when I look at Drew. He has changed so much in the past 6 months. Its obvious when you think of his developments and achievements as a person, but to actually see the changes, its amazing.

I walked down memory lane the other day, and I welcome you to see the changes in my little guy along with me. Of course the photo's I selected are just a sample since I have thousands of photo's of Drew that I pick and chose to share, print and brag about to the world.

April 2009 - Drew, not even 24hrs old with Grandpa

May 2009 - Drew exactly 1 month old

June 2009 - Drew fast asleep in his favorite chair

July 2009 - Drew exploring his toys for the first time with Daddy

August 2009 - Drew wearing Jeans for the first time with Grammie

September 2009 - Mommy stealing a kiss from her little man

October 2009 - Drew learning how to clap his hands with Grandpy

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