Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Weekend

We had a nice relaxing fall weekend that just passed us by. Most of our leaves have fallen in our yard and I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to let Drew play in a pile before it was too late.

A nice big fluffy pile of leaves was made for the little guy to sit in the middle. He was plopped down right in the middle and really didn't know what to do. He just sat there looking all around with the look on his face, now what? But, I started to play with the leaves and he followed suit. When he leaned backwards and fell into this huge crunching piles of leaves, he didn't like that so much. He didn't mind sitting in the pile, just don't lay him down in it. The one good thing, he didn't put any leaves in his mouth. He just delicately touched them while they were around him.

Then, it was time to break out his wagon he got at his baby shower. We hadn't used it yet, but this past weekend felt like a great opportunity to try it out. I made him very comfy (since I don't trust his sitting ability's while going over sidewalk bumps yet) with a nice fluffy pillow and a warm blanket underneath him. He enjoyed being pulled around the neighborhood while he looked around with the wind blowing in his hair.

The best part, besides seeing his happy, smiley face over the weekend, was the cuddly opportunity we had on the raining Saturday we had. It was nap time for Drew and he fell asleep while drinking his bottle, sitting on me. So I positioned myself so I could snooze and cuddle with my little boy while we both napped away the afternoon.

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