Friday, October 9, 2009

Off to Maryland

We are off to see Zack in Maryland!! This is the weekend we re-scheduled from a couple of weeks ago when Drew was sick. We are staying through Monday, yeah! A nice long weekend.

But, let me tell you about the great find I spotted the other night while Christmas shopping.......

While I was wondering around the baby section, looking at toys for presents, I came across a great product that I so needed for Drew's car seat. Remember the other day I mentioned that Drew's new car seat still had a recline issue because of the incline on the back seat. Well, problem solved!! The item I purchased is a hard foam wedge that is placed between the car seat and the regular seat to create the incline the car seat is designed to have from the beginning.

This isn't Drew, but its a great sample pic of what I found!!

Perfect!! The car seat looks like what we bought it to do. And just in time for our trip. I was so worried to travel while Drew's head slumps over while he was sleeping in his car seat. Now, no worries.

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The Sweet Family said...

Believe it or not when my children were babies, I had the local police department look to verify I had the seat safely installed. To my surprise, the carseat was NOT safe. The officer then took a noodle (foam sticks kids played with in a pool) and put it under like the foam. He then pulled on the seat belt and I could not believe how tight the seat became. I felt like such a bad parent.

Great post!!!

Have a fabulous time in Maryland!!!