Friday, October 2, 2009

Photo Contest

Its been done. I'm sure it won't be for first and only time. Drew has been entered into a photo contest. Its through the GAP store and IF he wins, he can win a spot in a GAP commercial, a gift card and show tickets to see the Lion King.

I'm just excited about the gift card possibility!

If you want to vote for the cutest kid in the world (OK, my world), you can log on to the GAP website and follow the advertisement to vote. You do have to sign up, but you can have access to the Disney website and submit your kid as a contestant too!!

Thanks to Charlyn who noticed the banner in the store's window and suggested the picture she adores from an earlier blog entry. Wish the little guy good luck!!

GAP Casting Call brought to you by
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Drew F.
Drew F.

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Brooke said...

Done!! What? no "I Voted" sticker?

Amanda said...

Its in the mail :)