Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Little Change

As you know, I have a little feature on the occasional Wednesdays that I do called Wordless Wednesday. I did steal the idea from another blog, but it was a cute idea to just post a picture with a title for that day's post.

Also, I had the Thankful Thursday that I also "borrowed" from another blog that I would occasionally post the things I was thankful for.

Well......I have come up with my own feature that will replace both. It will be about my baby boy called Timeline Thursdays. It will showcase pictures of Mr. Drew's days as they pass so quickly. This will help us reflect back and see how much he has grown up. So, I hope you enjoy this new addition as I know I will.


Cherish said...

cute idea!

Melissa said...

What a wicked idea! I wish I had something like that to look back on, I have a baby book that has a picture a month for a year and I have maybe half of them specific order. lol