Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jeff's Nesting Phase

So, I'm going to call what Jeff is going through as his nesting phase. I'll give him that because of the timing. I'm giving him space to do what he has to do since I know I must be driving him crazy with me going through my phase. But, our phases are a little different.

Jeff has the urge to buy a new car. It won't be a brand new car, but a vehicle to replace his cute little VW Jetta. He's mentioned it once or twice before about wanting to get a bigger car for the expanding family, but now all of a sudden the need to take care of this has hit him hard. The reason he feels the Jetta isn't appropriate any longer is the limited backseat room. Zack even made the announcement about a year ago that he doesn't like the Jetta because there isn't enough room for him (he likes my mini-van better).

Jeff's Jetta when he first purchased it

Over the weekend he was looking online for vehicles, making calls and doing his thing. He's narrowed down the search and we have an appointment on Thursday to look at vehicles in person and crunch numbers. I know the timing is close to other life changes, but it eases Jeff's concerns and it'll make my life easier.


Cherish said...

Good luck!

The Sweet Family said...

I love the baby's room. The frogs are completely adorable!!!

Take care and good luck.