Tuesday, April 14, 2009

38 Week Check Up

This week, I reach the 38 week mark and I think its amazing. I had my check up and everything looks great. All my vitals are where they should be and I feel good.

I have had an increase of those practice contractions, where my belly gets really hard for a few seconds, but that's about it. I don't feel anything else that would go with a contraction.
The doc says Mr Drew has dropped, which is a good sign but no dilation. She did explain that I could go two weeks past my due date (which I knew I could already). If I go one week past the due date, we have an ultrasound. So, if I happen to go that long, at least I'll be able to see him before his grand entrance.

Other then then, he's moving around good, his heartbeat is strong and we are enjoying end together.

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Cherish said...

Wow, you sound so positive for being so close. I know I was so ready for it to be done with almost all of my babies when I got that far along.

Im so excited for little Drew to make his appearance. Squeee!!!

Good luck!