Thursday, April 23, 2009

Drew's First Week

I cannot believe it, my little munchkin is a week old today. It just doesn't seem possible, but I better get used to it, huh?! I have taken a picture a day of my little Drew on my cell phone to help document his first week (and most likely beyond since I can send daily photo's to his grandparents). Yeah, I have a camera and have taken plenty of photo's with it, but my phone was handy while in the hospital (and at home too when the camera was not easy assessable).

So, I'd like to share my son's first week in photo's with you.......

On his actual birthday, 4/16/2009 moments after birth

Resting with his mommy in the hospital on 4/17/2009

Getting ready to head home on 4/18/2009

Relaxing in his swing on 4/19/2009

Doing a little bit of crying on 4/20/2009 (not his first time)

Napping with mommy at home on 4/21/2009

Sleeping in his crib for the first time (and staying there all night) on 4/22/2009

Early morning tummy time today, 1 week old


floreksa said...


Auntie needs some more lovin' time! So does Ally. She stops herself now whenever she asks to see Baby Jayden. LOL She doesn't have Drew down pat yet, but she knows its not Jayden LOL

Cherish said...

I cant get over how cute he is! :P I love the idea too of a picture a day. I never did anything like that of my little ones.

Melissa said...

OMG A WEEK! ALREADY!!! You must be baffled, He's a doll and looks like you guys are doing great!