Monday, April 13, 2009

What a day, what a day!

Our Easter celebration this year was filled with food, family, flashbacks and a hospital visit (not for me).

Let's see, where to begin.......

Yesterday started off early for me. I was up early preparing the nice big garden salad and the gorgeous fruit salad along with getting everything ready to be heated up and cooked. I then took on straightening up the main level of the house, hid the Easter eggs, laid out the baskets for my niece and basically got ready for everyone to arrive for our visit.

A little after 11am the house phone rings. My in-laws just arrived with my niece and she was excited to look for Easter eggs. My FIL hands me the phone and in a joking voice says, its a bill collector. I had a feeling it was my parents asking if we needed anything before they arrived, so I took the phone and said hello. Yeah, it was my dad, but for a completely different reason.....he had just called the ambulance for my mom because she was having chest pains.

It was agreed that I'd meet them at the hospital shortly. We did a quick Easter egg hunt with my niece, said goodbye and took off like a bat out of hell to the hospital (I beat the ambulance by the way.....I guess its because I live a little closer to the hospital then my parents).

While I was on the way to the hospital, I had myself a flashback. Over 15 years ago, my mom was being rushed to the hospital on Easter for falling down our old house's staircase while she was caring the baskets downstairs. I just shook my head and told myself that I have to remind her of this and Easter was not her holiday.

My parents soon arrive at the emergency room. My mom had another chest pain attack in the ambulance on the way to the hospital so they gave her some medication which seemed to help her. She was feeling much better after she was checked in by the nurse.

My mom had tests (chest x-ray, sonogram and blood tests) while we were there waiting for several hours. My dad and I had Easter dinner at the hospital which was nice, just the two of us. We had food waiting for us at my house, but we weren't sure when we would get a chance to actually eat it (tell a diabetic and a pregnant women they couldn't eat when they are actually hungry and they had to wait, it wouldn't have been pretty). But, when we returned from our meal, she was clear to leave but not until after she argued with the ER doctor who wanted to keep her overnight for observation. She refused outright. My mom has had lots of history with hospitals and she just is afraid. So, she had to promise to call her doctor first thing Monday morning and if she had to pains again, to return. She promised.

Mom is doing OK. She is lined up to call her doctor first thing this morning and I am on stand-by to bring her. We still don't know what caused the sudden chest pains either. All I can say is, what a day, what a day! Oh, and we were kidding around that next year, with my mom's history with this holiday, that we should celebrate the weekend after the actual Easter day.

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Melissa said...

What a sweet little post, love the dinner part with your dad. Sorry to hear about your mom though, hope all goes great and you no longer have problems with her chest. Sounds like you made the most out of your Easter even so :)
I'll be praying for you all!! xo