Friday, April 24, 2009

Zack's April Visit

As you know, our weekend plans changed drastically for Zack's April weekend visit. It was all rearranged for a good reason, but at the end of the weekend, both Jeff and I felt bad since most of the visit we were between the hospital for Drew's delivery and then adjusting to our newborn at home for the first night.

Zack said he didn't mind since his grandpy and him had a great visit and spent a lot of time together, but Jeff and I just felt guilty since we don't see him too often.

Regardless, Zack loves his little brother. He couldn't wait to get back home to show off his pictures of his little brother Drew. I had picked up a Big Brother brag book a few months back, so we filled it with photos before he left. He was so tickled.

We can't wait to see Zack in June for fathers day weekend in Maryland. Before he left, Zack, myself and Drew were sitting on my backyard swing and we chatted about the next visit. I tried to explain to him that the hotel arrangements will be a little different then we are all used too with a baby (you know, the night feedings, changing and what ever else may come up) and he shook his head in agreement, but who knows how he will feel when it actually happens. I then explained to him that we had all kinds of weekend plans while he was here, but his little brother wanted to meet him instead of waiting for June. Zack just smiled with agreement.

Also, on a side note......Zack's mom mentioned the two times we saw her over the weekend, that her and her soon to be husband have been talking about having a baby after they get married. Guess what Zack told her.......she was too old! I looked at her (while I laughed in my head) and said, oh its just his interpretation of your age (she's 31 by the way). That little comment made my day! Not that I think 31 is old, just that he thinks she is old!

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Melissa said...

Hahahaha, Zack a sweetie :)


Sounds like mom is trying to get some of the attention back ..sad.