Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Delivery day was a surprise, for us all. The day proceeded as follows-

It was time to get up and ready for work last Thursday, 4/16. I started my normal routine, head to the bathroom, take care of business and take my morning thyroid pill. As I was standing in the kitchen rooting for the pill at 6:30am in its bottle, I felt fluid run down my leg. My first thought was, oh great I didn't empty my bladder enough. Then a little thought entered my mind, this could be my water breaking.

I went back into the bathroom to check things out. When I wiped (pardon the description) it was noticed that what was on the toilet paper was much different then urine and there was a little blood. When I returned to the kitchen area where I was standing, there was a puddle of fluid sitting there. I now had a 95% belief that this was my water breaking.

I text Jeff (since he has to be to work for 6:30am) and let him know my discovery. We both agreed to contact the doc's office. Well, after an 1/2 wait of back and forth phone calls with the answering service, the office finally opened at 8am and they told me to come and get checked out. When I was in the doc's office, she was about to conduct a test to see if it was truly my membrane rupture, but she was convinced right away when she saw the suspected area that it was indeed my water breaking. She sent me right away to the delivery floor of the hospital for baby Drew's delivery. I wasn't having many contractions at that time either, so I was able to move around ok.

After a quick check in, it was time to head to my room (where the delivery and recovery occur). My contractions were slow starting, so I was hooked up to pitosin for assistance. I don't remember the time line, but after the medication started to kick in, the contractions started. I went from 3 centimeters, to 4 1/2 (this is when I ordered my epidural that at first only helped my right side, but it was working fine shortly after), to 6, to 6 again and then at 8pm 10 centimeters.

My mom, FIL, SIL Jen and Jeff were there when it was announced that I was at 10 centimeters and on the next contraction I would start to push. I was a little shocked that it came so fast, but I was ready to meet my little guy. I was actually joking around until the final 15 minutes of pushing. The total amount of time pushing was 45 minutes and then, my dreams came true.....I met my son for the first time.

Drew was placed on my chest while he was cleaned up. He heard my voice and started looking for me right away and then he peed on me. Yup, he christened me right away, but I didn't mind. I looked up at Jeff who had tears in his eyes and it was the best feeling anyone could have seeing my little family all together for the first time.

Jeff was there for the entire time. He helped me through each contraction, held my hand, rubbed my back, helped me move when I couldn't from the epidural and was just there for me for anything I needed. During the pushing part of my labor, he was there holding my leg and coaching me with the doctor and nurse. He cut little Drew's umbilical cord and witnessed all the after effects of birth.

The labor was quick for us, even though it was an all day event, but it went smoothly besides the little issue with the epidural and the painful IV insert on my hand. Drew and myself are home, happy and healthy. I can't wait to share more very soon (and catch up with everyone too).


Cherish said...

Jeez girl, you make it sound easy! Im glad it went so well for you and little Drew is precious. He seems so small, its hard to remember that mine were ever that little.

Kellan said...

Oh, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy for your and he looks so beautiful!!! You look great too! I always looked like *crap* in my birth photos - eeeeeeek! You have fun with that sweet new Drew baby! I'll see you soon - Kellan