Saturday, August 30, 2008

My New Toy

I finally broke into the box of my new toy I bought last weekend. Jeff bought new tools to build our shed last weekend, but while he was looking, I noticed something that would help me around the house. It would also use the same battery as Jeff's power tools that he just bought too.

Its my very own wet/dry portable Ryobi vacuum. Its called the Tuff Sucker (nice!). I know, it may not seem like much, but its a back saver! I used it this morning on our basement stairs and oh, what a huge difference. It worked well and so light weight! I usually lug the upright, Dirt Devil up each stair as I vacuum and at the same time trying to balance it while I clean. What a frustrating thing to do!

Also, it'll help when we have to vacuum out the cars! What we usually do is bring out the same Dirt Devil or dig out the our huge Wet/Dry vac out of the shed, bring out the extension cord, get the cord caught on the wheels as you go around the car and stretch real hard to get to that last corner before the extension cord unplugs. Well, we no longer will have to deal with that! We just have to connect a charged battery to the new Ryoni and off we go.

Yeah for small discoveries!

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