Friday, July 10, 2009

Wow am I growing!

Hey guys, Drew here! Wow, has it been some time since I got away from mommy to chat with my blogger friends. My mommy has kept me so busy with tummy time, practicing rolling over, standing up (with help for now), sitting up (with help too), but man oh man am I busy! Also, she takes me shopping at the mall and buys me things all the time.

But the one toy I love to play with is my Mr Sunshine floor mat. Oh, I can't get enough of that thing. Once I hear the music and see the sunshine flashing, I'm mesmerized. My mommy and daddy have to shut the sun off for me to pay attention to them. Its hard to break away when something is so much fun. I love to kick and move my arms to the music, its so much fun!

I really enjoyed seeing my big brother last month and I can't wait to see him in a few weeks. He is so much fun. I can't wait to run around with him and my big cousin Ally!

I've gotten so big too. I love to eat, so I keep growing! Also, my doctor said I can start to drink apple juice and that stuff is awesome! I want to drink it all the time, but mommy says I can't too much. Ooooh, its just so good. Also, I can have a little cereal in my formula too. It helps my belly stay full at night so I sleep a little longer, but I'm still waking up during the night. My mommy asks me while she's rocking me to sleep if I'm going to sleep all night, but I can't seem to do it yet. But, maybe one of these days I will!

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Melissa said...

That picture could melt anyone's heart. He's turning into such a stud, not saying he wasn't before he was just more sleepy :)
It is really hard to believe your little man is 2 months! The pictures are great to look at he is really coming along.
I think it's great that you are working half days, really sounds like a great plan to get used to work again rather than just jumping right in.

Ps. I was afraid of Rachel's first fireworks too, but she really loved them! I don't think she was as young as Drew though! Wow!!! xo