Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Awsome Score

Zack plays golf. His dad turned him onto the game several years ago. Jeff started to play and wanted Zack to have an interest in the game too. So, he taught him and they've played together at small courses and have a grand ol' time together.

Since Zack moved away, his interest in golf has continued. Jeff is grateful since its still a strong connection between father and son. Zack plays in tournaments, played with the First Tee camps and even belonged to a par 3 18 whole golf course last summer.

Jeff found out yesterday that Zack was in a golf tournament, his first of the season. Jeff was receiving updates from Zack's mom as the day progressed, even photos. At the end of the day, Zack shot a 112. He was on a regular 18 whole course and was paired up with older kids and he shot a 112! That is awesome!! He felt down in the dumps because he didn't beat the older kids, who cares! Zack who is 11 1/2 shot a great game of golf today!

Jeff chatted with him last night and told him that he doesn't even score that low. That made Zack feel like he was on cloud 9. Now its on for a battle between father and son over our vacation to see who can get a better score! Oh, that will be so much fun for the two of them!

I'd love to share the pictures that Jeff received, but um, Jeff accidentally deleted them before sending them to me since they were in text messages. Oh, well!


Dad said...

Wait until Drew is old enough for Dad and big brother to teach him.

Amanda said...

So true! Also, the other day while Drew was playing on the floor, he kept watching the British Open...scary!