Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Little Updates

My life is going a million miles each way, as does every ones life's.

With that in mind, this is what's going on in my household -

Little Drew is giving us a run for our money. He's been in weird funky mood lately where he can't get comfortable; is starving, but won't eat; is exhausted, but won't sleep, but nothing is officially wrong. He's been to the doctors twice in the last week to see what they think, but they can't come up with anything. They've checked him for an ear ache, teething, they listened for things in his belly and back, but all they can come up with is he is feeling blah.

We are packing and getting ready for our big vacation!! We leave Friday to head to VA to see Zack for a week. Then on the second week of vacation, we will be back in our area with Zack. We have tons of things planned along with lots of rest and relaxation. I can't wait!!

We get to babysit my niece tomorrow night along with celebrating my parents 37th wedding anniversary. Yeah, we get to have cake and have fun too!

My SIL Jenn is due in a week with her little boy. I was hoping that the little guy would come this week so we can meet him before our vacation, but its all up to that baby when he wants to meet the world.

My cell phone is now working!! I don't feel naked anymore without it. We let the battery and phone dry separately and when I got home last night, put them back together and presto! It works again. Some of the buttons are slow working, but I can deal with that rather then being without a phone or spending tons of money to replace it.


floreksa said...

Drs will never admit it, but often right before they reach a milestone they get punky for a few days. Ally used to do it.

I betcha he'll roll over in the next day or so or pop a tooth.

Amanda said...

Thanks for that info! Of course they didn't say anything like that.....