Friday, July 17, 2009

Copy Cat

Drew like to copy sounds we make. He tries to sing when you sing. He tries to laugh just like you do. If you throw your head back while laughing, he'll try and do the same. If you stick your tongue out, he'll try to do it too.

His newest thing is his fake cough! He would do it at random times, cough a little and be done with it. We could tell it was a fake cough, since he didn't have all the signs as a real one. Then, last night while Jeff, myself and Drew sat in our backyard swing, Drew was drinking his apple juice. He coughed a little, it sounded fake but I still pulled his bottle out of his mouth. Then Jeff mimicked his cough, then Drew did the same. Then Jeff, then Drew. This went on for minutes. All this fake coughing. I was giggling with no sound so I wouldn't interrupt this competition between father and son. It was too cute. Drew would look at me from the corner of his eye while he did it and noticed I was smiling, so I guess I was encouraging him.

I think we have the making of a comedian on our hands!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

That is sweet, a father son competition! :)

It won't stop here either, it'll keep getting cuter the older he gets. Can you imagine him talking? lol,