Friday, July 24, 2009

Sleep, Please!?!?

Mr Drew still does not sleep through the night. We really wish he would. He's getting better, but not all night yet. I know I've read that it'll take sometime to have a baby sleep through the entire night, but I'm hopeful every time that little guy is put to rest in his crib.

The average night, he'll sleep from 8:30pm/9pm to 2am/3am. Then he's up for a feeding. Then he'll be up about 3-4 hours later.

Oh, how I'd love to sleep a straight 6-7 hours, a couple of nights in a row! Just for a re-charge to keep up adequately with the little guy. I know people said to get your sleep before the baby arrived, but I think that sleep has warn off long ago. Jeff and I are walking zombies. Yeah, we take turns waking up with Drew, but its still not the same.

Also, the weirdest thing that happens to me is I think I hear Drew crying his head off while I'm trying to fall asleep, but its not true. When this happens I'm drifting off to sleep with the baby monitor right next to me, not projecting any sounds, but in my head my baby needs something. It got so bad the other night, I got out of bed, walked into his room and the little guy was semi-snoring away, dreaming of apple juice. Jeff just looks at me like a weirdo when I explain this happens to me. My SIL Sarah warned me about this side-effect, but I didn't quite understand it until I experienced it.

So, between Drew actually waking up and my imagination playing tricks on me, I'm so exhausted! Will it ever end?

I know I'm saying all this about being sleep deprived, but I wouldn't trade it or anything for my little bundle of joy and all the happiness he's brought us!!

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