Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beautiful Colors

Drew celebrated his first 4th of July. We went to a friend's house for a big BBQ and fireworks. It was such a beautiful evening, no rain, sunny and a nice cool breeze.

Drew was a perfect little gentlemen. Everytime a new face would come up to see him, he would flash a big gummy smile to welcome the attention. He was loving it! He bounced on the big trampoline (well, actually he laid on it with his daddy while the big kids ate), he ran around in the yard (well, he laid on his activity mat in the shade and kicked his feet like he was running) and ate all kinds of food (well, he ate his formula and tasted a cucumber). Drew really enjoyed himself.

Then the fireworks began. We were a little worried that he wouldn't like any part of the show, so I was ready to sit in the car with him. Then to our surprise, he was mesmerized by the bright colors. Jeff and I took turns holding him and covered his ears while he watched the fireworks and he would just stare in amazement. There was no crying, fussing or anything from that little boy.

So, Drew celebrated his first big holiday and really seemed to enjoy himself. I just wish I remembered the camera! Doh!

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The Sweet Family said...

How fun. Don't worry about the camera, you will do it lots of times!