Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday

  1. My mom being convinced to start her Christmas Shopping before Thanksgiving. I bring her for the bulk of her shopping and I convinced her to go this weekend since the mall is having a fundraiser/sale after hours. She usually starts mid-December.
  2. My yoga class. Well, of course I'm grateful for the health benefits but what I'm grateful for this week is the night sleep after the class I encountered. Ahhhh!
  3. Having an auto starter in my van. That is the first thing I had installed when I bought the van over two years ago and I love it on cold mornings like we've had the past few days.
  4. I get to see my Grandpa and Zack next week for Thanksgiving! I miss them both so much.
  5. Southwest Airlines for not charging luggage fee's. We have to pack a bag for Zack and we don't have to pay extra for it, yeah!

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Amy (wattsup) said...

I was just discussing getting an auot starter for my car this week. Now that I no longer have a garage at home, the car is SO cold in the mornings! Of coruse it would be great to start it up before leaving the office too :)

I agree on the airline fees! I have got hit going and coming in both of my recent trips! Ridiculous :)