Monday, November 24, 2008

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever been in a store and its robbed?

Well the other night, my FIL and I were in that type of situation (a "minor" robbery situation with no weapons).

Here is our story-

We were leaving Walmart plaza around 5pm on Saturday night. My FIL wanted to stop by a little hole in the wall cell phone store that is on the same road (but in its own little parking lot) to get his phone fixed for a minor cosmetic issue. We entered the store and noticed the clerk was sitting behind the counter helping a customer.

My FIL and myself were checking out the phones in the store while the clerk was helping the other customer. We could hear chit chat between them, but not really paying attention to them.

All of a sudden my FIL walks over the table near the door, I turn to face my FIL and I see the other customer at the counter. I hear him say thanks buddy then run at full speed out the door, through the parking lot, into the dark area behind the store. The clerk then yelled hey, hey come back here. I just stood there and my FIL takes off out the door after the kid. The clerk not too far behind.

So, I'm standing in the cell phone store all buy myself watching the clerk and my FIL talking to some lady in a van out the window. Come to find out the lady in the van almost hit the kid (she should have too) as he ran out the store. The clerk returned to the store and called his manager and my FIL returned too. The manager didn't want the clerk to do much about the stolen $100 Bluetooth device.

The stolen Bluetooth device
I guess before we arrived at the store there were two kids in the store asking the clerk odd questions about phones and bluetooth devices. One of the kids said, hey I'll be back I have to go get the money and then we walked in the store with the remaining kid (who looked about 17 years old) at the counter.

There was no one that was hurt, the merchandise was and will never be recovered and I hope they clerk doesn't get into too much trouble. Now that I think about it, the situation could have been alot worse, but we walked away feeling bad for the clerk more then anything.


floreksa said...

Holy crap!!!!! Still somewhat scary!

I left you something on my blog ;)

Cherish said...

Wow thats crappy!

Amy (wattsup) said...

How crazy is that? I'm glad that everyone involved was ok! $100 is not worth anything more than exactly that. HUGS!