Thursday, November 6, 2008

An Evening with Stephen King

Well, it wasn't just me and Mr King. The event was a round table discussion with Stephen King, Richard Russo, Joe Donahue (who is radio talent in NY) and an auditorium filled with people. This event was to raise funds for a local food bank in our area and which in turn was able to hand over a sum of over $18,000. Wow!

So, me, my friend Char, her daughter and friend and my mom went to the event. We played musical chairs to find a decent location where we could see the stage. Finally we found our comfy seats in the balcony over looking the venue and settled in for our treat.

The three gentlemen where introduced and when they walked on stage, the whole room was filled with cheers. They sat in fancy high back chairs along the stage, but still able to see each other. Joe was the narrator of the evening, asking the authors questions that would segway into their discussions.

They talked about politics and the recent election, inspirations for past novels, how each of the authors met years ago, tales of how they got to where they are now, novels vs. short stories and anything else you can imagine in an open forum between friends.

Stephen King was actually pretty witty and funny. You would imagine him being dark and spooky with a warped sense of humor, but he was pretty much just had a warped sense of humor and knew how to use it. He was great to listen to and is such a free spirit.

Richard Russo was a down to earth kind of guy who loves to write and definitely feed off of Stephen with the discussions, but in a good light hearted way. I'm actually pretty interested in reading one of his novels now, so I can't wait to get started on his new book "Bridges of Sighs".

It was definitely a great evening out and I can't wait for the next book signing/discussion that we find.

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