Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Strawberry Fields

We had a blast this past weekend that involved strawberries. Its strawberry picking season in New England and that is exactly what we did.

Drew, Grammie and myself went to a local farm and picked our first batches of strawberries. It was a hot one, but we didn't let that stop us. It was the farms second day of picking, so we had lots and lots to chose from. We went to a section that wasn't picked yet for the day and settled in.

We chose our row of berry plants and started picking. When I put Drew down he was looking around, trying to figure out what we were doing. I moved some of the leaves to reveal the red, ripe strawberries and he dove right in by pointing and picking leaves (yeah, leaves).

It was so much fun trying to show Drew how to pick a strawberry, he just kept going after the leaves since they were on top. He did however pick one strawberry before he realized it was much easier to take a strawberry from Grammies container and put it in Mommy's container. That just made us chuckle. There was some taste testing going on too, but Drew's still not too sure if he likes strawberry's. Also, there was a lot of squishing berries too, but hey, its all part of the learning process! We did take them with us to show Daddy
what we did (besides picking the berries).

Since we did so well at the strawberry patch, we went for ice cream after words. What a perfect Saturday we had!!

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