Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sock Puppets

The other day, Grandpy wanted to show Drew a new trick. Grandpy put Drew's socks on his hands to try and make sock puppets.
At first, Drew just starred at Grandpy and tried to pull the socks off his hands. He figured out how to get the socks off before he realized what Grandpy was showing him. He pulled them off with his teeth, then handed the sock back to Grandpy to put back on his hand.
After a few tries of letting the socks stay on his hands, he caught on a little bit. But, I think for now he loves the challenge of getting the sock off his hand and watching them put back on. These aren't big socks either, they are the ankle no-show socks, so they are a little tricky to get on feet, never mind hands.
Or is it, Drew likes to watch Grandpy make funny faces and talk to the sock on Drew's hand. I don't know, but what ever it is, those two were having a blast playing with the socks.


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