Friday, June 4, 2010

Next Accomplishment

Last week I had asked what was the next thing Drew would accomplish and we received our answer shortly after. He can climb up now!

He can't climb on the couch yet, but if there was something under him to give him an extra umph up, he could do it. If a pillow or something was there, he'd be up on the couch in seconds. The first thing he climbed on with no assistance was our coffee table, then his rocking chair and finally our end table. The end table had assistance, the back of his toddler couch, but he climbed up there all by himself several times in a row starring at Jeff.

Now for me, this is the scariest phase so far. People told me that when he became mobile, watch out! I don't mind the walking, trying to run or being able to push himself on his outside toys, its the climbing that scares me. I'm worried to leave him in a room by himself (especially the living room with all the climbable stuff) for a few seconds and who knows what he can climb up on and get hurt by falling off of in that split moment. But, I do leave the room and see what he does. So far, so good....but how long will that last before he gets brave enough to do his stunts without anyone around?!?!?! Oh, bother!!