Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Book Love

While Drew plays in his room, I walk in to see what he's up too. He's usually playing with his stuffed animals, toys or foam blocks. Books are all over the place since he pulls them off the shelve once he's up for the day, but that's ok.

I sit in the middle of his floor, indian style. Ask him if he wants me to read him a book while I tap my thigh for him to come on over. He looks all over for this one particular book, he grabs it from where ever it landed and climbs on my lap while handing me the book. The first book in this routine is always, Goodnight Moon.

Drew will sit there while I get through the book, while he helps turn the pages and points things out to me. After we are done with that one, he gets up and searches for the next one. The second one, now-a-days is a toss up between his truck book or the one about the tractor.

It makes my heart all warm and fuzzy how he climbs on my lap, fits just right with my legs crossed, sits with full attention on the words in the book while I read to him.

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