Friday, June 18, 2010

New Chair At The Table

Drew is tall. He is already out growing his high chair. His feet are starting to hang below the foot shelve on the high chair.

He likes the high chair in many ways, he colors while sitting in it, he eats his food while in it and its high enough were he can watch us cook. But, he's starting to be a little too big for it.

While we were out shopping the other day, I thought about looking at a booster seat for the "little" guy. I found one that changes between a high chair (a tray hooks on), booster seat for toddlers and older kids (the back comes off for the older kids).

I took it out of the box and placed it on the living room floor after we got back home and loved it right away. He kept climbing in the new chair, placing the tray on his lap, putting it on the floor, hopping up and then repeating the same motions for some time. I was finally able to get it away from him and secure it to a chair in the kitchen and right away he wanted to sit in it at the table. He did pretty good for the first time sitting at the table, with no tray, but his little fingers could reach out to all the colorful objects on the table (like the ketchup) that he couldn't reach for before.

Now-a-days, we have the high chair and the booster seat at the table. When its time to eat, we let Drew decided were he wants to eat. He actually does go between the two, but until he's fully comfortable with the booster seat, we'll keep the high chair around.