Thursday, June 24, 2010

31 Years Young

It was my 31st birthday yesterday!

I had a wonderful day, I had some time to myself, which doesn't come too often. I took the day off from work to achieve that goal. I didn't get to sleep in, but I did wake up on our normal schedule, got Drew ready for day care and dropped him off.

I treated myself to a Starbucks Chai and yummy treat and while I drank my chai, I walked around Walmart at my own pace all by myself. It was lovely! I was taking my time, was able to poke around at what I wanted to check out, but I did end up buying Drew summer outfits.

After I walked around, I took a little time to paint Drew's mural and then I went to my birthday treat I was looking forward too for sometime now. I told Jeff I wanted a spa pedicure for my present, and that's what he got me!! It was wonderful! The package included all kinds of treatments and a message for my feet and lower legs, a tea and my toes painted the color of my choice. It was so worth it and I already told Jeff I want the same thing for next years birthday.

My parents stopped by for a visit in the late afternoon. We were treated to little itty-bitty cupcakes. Drew loved them so much, he wanted MY cupcake.

I also received a surprise supper. My FIL called me on his way home from work and asked if I wanted a surprise for dinner. I said sure!! He walked in the house with a lobster dinner for me! Just me!! I felt bad that no one else got one, but I was in heaven! I let Drew try a couple of bites, he did eat them, but he didn't want too much.

What a perfect day!

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