Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Day of Firsts

We had a great time last weekend. We never made it to Vermont to see family, but that was post-poned due to a graduation party we will attend in a couple of weeks with the same family. So, we decided to combine the visits together!!

On Sunday we went to the antique tractor show and after we traveled a little north to visit my in-laws parents camp. The camp is located in a quite little hill town where its just far enough away and a nice place to relax. There is also a lake within walking distance to the camp too, so we were told to bring Drew's swim gear and we did.

Sunday, Drew had a lot of "first" experience's and it was a blast to watch him go through each one. Let' s walk through each one together.

First time on a ride!
At the tractor show, there were horse back rides, a hay ride, and the ride that we went on. It was a tractor, pulling a long line of barrels cut out to look like cows. There was a tiny seat and just enough room for the both of us to fit inside. They even had a cow bell inside for us to ring. The tractor brought us by the big tractors and around the field area. It was great! Drew kept pointing at things while we rode by and had a smile plastered on his face when ever he saw something that interested him. As we approached the end of the ride, he even pointed out his Daddy and Grandpy to me. It was so much fun seeing him enjoy himself on the ride.

First time on a real tractor!
After the tractor/cow ride, we brought Drew over to the tractors where all the kids were climbing on. As we walked towards the machines, he was kicking his feet (Jeff was caring him) and pointed while making the vroom, vroom sound. He was in heaven sitting up on the big seat, pulling on the gears, moving the steering wheel and making his sound effects.

First Tattoo!
As we were leaving the fair, we were walking by the face paining/glitter tattoo booth. I knew a face painting experience would not go well, but agreed on a glitter tattoo (since my FIL so wanted Drew to get one). We picked out the paw print since Drew loves "Blue's Clues" and asked for blue glitter. Once the women started the tattoo, Drew flipped out. You would have thought we were back at the doctors office for an ear check-up. He was squirming and crying all while this wonderful lady was patiently holding his arm (with Jeff's assistance), placing the stencil, the sticky stuff and the glitter on his arm. The end result was great and Drew realized after all that he had a "clue" on his arm. He was excited.

First time in a lake!
We made it up to Goshen for our visit. We changed Drew into his swim gear and headed to the water. At first he watched Ally walk along the little dock and jump off and so he wanted to do the same thing immediately after her. We didn't allow him to do that of course, but we did let him walk into the water and splash. At one point he wanted to just walk out to where Ally was, fearlessly going into the water with no regards of the danger, but that never happened. Jeff at one point help glide him along the top of the water to have him "swim" and Drew never took his eyes off of Ally. The water was freezing, but he didn't care. He was loving it!

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