Thursday, February 12, 2009

She Tried Again

What is with this women?

As you may know from previous posts, Zack's mom isn't the easiest to work with. She is manipulative, self-centered and controlling when it comes to Jeff (and me) seeing or doing anything pertaining to Zack.

You may recall, it took several weeks to nail down this months visit in Maryland. It was determined in mid-January that we would meet in MD the last weekend in February since Zack has the Friday before that weekend off from school and it works with his schedule. Ok, great! Jeff and I took time off from work, its right under the wire before my travel cut-off and I booked the hotel. Done deal.
Well, so we had assumed. Jeff received a text from Zack's mom (she is never consistent on who and how she contacts one of us) last Saturday asking if we could move the visit to the first weekend in March because he has basketball playoffs. Apparently Zack's mom forgot an important aspect of the visitation rules, that sports cannot interfere with the visits.

Now, I know sports are a big piece of any kids life (if they are into that sort of thing), but I'd rather him miss a playoff game then an actual school day (which he would miss because he does not have the following Friday off).

Also, after some research online (since she would never explain the whole situation to us) his 11-year old bball league playoffs actually start Sat 2/21 and continue throughout the week, like the March Madness Bracket playoffs in college bball. No disrespect to Zack's team, but they only won one game and she is asking us to move our visit on some notion his team would make the final playoff game on Sat 2/28? The chances are slight and we are holding our ground.
So, using my pregnancy and the hotel excuse (she doesn't have to know we have cancellation insurance), we are holding steady to keep the end of the month visit. Let's see if she will come up with another excuse. Sometimes she does when the first one fails.


Cherish said...

You have such bad luck with that woman! Maybe when she gets married, she'll start focusing on her life instead of how to mess up yours? Good luck! Im sure Zack wouldnt mind missing the game anyway if it meant a chance to go hang out with you two.

The Sweet Family said...

This woman needs serious intervening. Maybe call Dr. Phil on this one. I also feel so sorry for the guy that is going to marry her. What a dummy!

Stick to your guns and don't let her change your plans! Its time she learn to COMPROMISE!!!

Take care!

Melissa said...

Holy Hell, you were right in the last post she's nuts. Glad you guys were able to stand your ground, hopefully she won't have enough time to ruin your plans or perhaps have a change of heart and just stop being an ass. :)

Good luck hun!