Monday, February 23, 2009

He Surprised Me

We didn't make it to Vermont this weekend. So, Saturday morning my mom asked me to help her out with some baby shower errands.

While I was out, Jeff started on a 4 hour mission to assemble his youngest son's furniture. I wasn't sure he was going to put it together or not since when I left to go with my mom, he was heading to play video games.

But, when I walked in the house, I noticed the kids rooms light illuminating out into the hallway, music could be heard into the kitchen and I knew what he was doing. He was putting it all together! I was so excited! I went straight for the room with a huge smile on my face to check on the what was happening. I didn't get any photo's of the assembly process since when I walked into the room it was mostly done.

These two pictures are the best I could show for now. The room needs to rearranged since Zack's all-in-one giant bed has to be moved and some other furniture has to find another location in the house. When that happens, I'll be able to show the other side of the changing table from the other side since Zack's bed was in the way for photo's.

But for now, this is what I have to show. I can't wait until the room is all set with all the bedding in the crib and all the odds and ends inside the changing table. After that, we just wait for little Drew's arrival. I will be sure to show off the completed room too!


Cherish said...

So exciting!!! I love how everything is attached! what a great space saver, especially with Zack and Drew sharing a room.

Melissa said...

This is adorable, very cute. I wish that I had the set when I was pregnant but I'm happy now that I didn't because I'd have no room. Great space saver! Can't wait to see more pictures, oh and baby shower pictures too!! :)

Ps. Your man is cute, what a sweet surprise!