Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pregnancy Weight

I've had about enough with one pregnancy "side-effect". Its not the back pain (granted I would love to not have it, but I deal with it), its not the tossing & turning at night, its not that I can't see my toes/shave my legs/trim my nails. Its the aspect that most everyone has to point out that I'm gaining weight.

Uh, ya think?!? I'm just shy being 30 weeks pregnant, I hope I'm gaining weight. This has been going on mostly at work since I announced being pregnant back in October.

One of my supervisors who has been on weight watchers pointed out that I'll have to be on weight watchers soon just like her. I have a certain driver, who most of the time I adore, but recently he has been giving me a hard time about my belly weight/eating a whole sandwich/snaking throughout the day. Also, another driver just the other day mentioned that my supervisor is losing weight and that I am putting it on (and did the gesture with his arms next to his body getting rounder). And there have been other remarks I can't think of at the moment.

So, I've had enough! I think I'm doing pretty good with my weight during the pregnancy. I've gained 26 pounds (well in my range), all in my stomach area. I eat relatively healthy. I try to stay active. My torso area isn't that long so the baby has to grow somewhere and in this case its out in front. Knock on wood, I've only had a slight swelling in my ankle area, so I really haven't gained much weight/water retention anywhere else but the belly area.

Jeff says its because people aren't used to me gaining the extra weight and they don't know how to react. Well, its none of their business. My thoughts are this, if I wasn't pregnant, would they feel compelled to tell me I'm gaining weight? I would think no. But, because I'm pregnant, they think its fair game to comment on the weight gain and they think its funny/cute/appropriate.

But as long as I feel good, my doc thinks I'm on track and the baby is healthy, I will try and keep my cool for the next few months. Wish me luck!!


Cherish said...

That's disgusting! Why would anyone feel the need to tell a pregnant woman that she is gaining weight? As someone that doesnt gain weight while pregnant, I can tell you that it sucks. People should be telling you how good you look and that 26lbs is a healthy amount. Jeez, Ill never understand people. You are doing great! Keep it up chicky

Melissa said...

I agree, holy hell how ignorant!
I had the same comments from people (who are assholes anyway) and I only gained in my belly also. I have to agree with you 100% about them not saying anything if you weren't pregnant. I'm so sorry that you feel shitty about it all, if it helps I think it happens to every preggo woman :)
You look amazing!! (in your last photo) Keep it up, and don't worry about gaining a set amount, your baby wants you to :D