Monday, February 2, 2009

Second Chance

Another well written and easy to follow novel by Jane Green. This is the second book I've read of hers and can't wait to pick up the third. The first one that I read was Swapping Lives and her newest is the Beach House (hint, hint, I'd like to add this to my pile of books to read).

Anyway, Second Chance was hard to get into at first since a tragedy occurs right at the beggining. But, as usual time goes by and wounds heal, friendships rekindle and each person involved thank the person they lost for helping them be together during the new joys and heartache that occur after his death.

I wouldn't say its a light hearted, beach novel. It could be how the book started off with a tarriest attack and we all know how "fresh" those are in our minds, but as the novel moves along it does become about different relationships. So, I'd say a nice read for those cold days of winter where you want to sit with a cup of hot coco and go to another country and learn the value of friendship.

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