Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baby 411

I am going to continue with the baby theme this week and tell you about
book I just finished reading. Of course its about baby stuff!

This is the second in a series from these two authors. The first I read a couple months back was Baby Bargains. This is the next book in line and its all about helpful information to prep you starting around your 7th month of pregnancy (that was a coincidence when my mom bought this for me) all the way through the babies first year.

It talks about what to expect coming out of your baby at what stage, what shots/immunizations to expect, sleep tips (for you and the baby), how to clean your baby (like me, having a boy, I have no idea), nutrition, breastfeeding/bottle feeding tips, development, fussy baby tips and anything you can think of withing this precious time.

I'm sure some of it I'll forget, it won't work or I'll adjust to my baby's personality, but its a great guide. It definitely starts to get you in the mood for what to come very shortly.

The authors other books are, Toddler Bargains, Toddler 411 and Bridal Bargains if you are interested. Also, each book has their own website to go along with it. This books website is, so check it out!


Cherish said...

Sounds like a great book for new parents. I used the what to expect series when I was expecting my first and I found it mostly helpful, as a guidline anyway.

Melissa said...

That is the one thing I didn't do, read books. I kinda just joined a chat group for preggo and already mommies who helped one another the best we could in things we wanted to know :)

It's how I met one of my long distance friends we were having our first baby around the same time :)
You should check those types of things out too, I wish I still remembered the website I went to, to pass it on.