Friday, February 13, 2009

Grandparents go to School

My FIL, my mom and my dad

The grandparents-to-be attended school last night. My parents will be first timers (and my mom will be helping out with day care responsibilities for a few months) so I convinced them to attend a course for when Mr. Drew arrives.

As for my FIL, I know he has two grand kids before my little one, but he hasn't lived with an infant in some time now. Also, he will have two infants in the house by late summer, so I felt it a good move to convince him to attend for this reason alone. Of course I had some resistance at first with him stating, I know how to change a diaper! You guys all survived when you were kids!

No expectant parents could attend, so I sent the three of them off to the hospital to attend their class together. The agenda was-

New grandparents-to-be will:
  • Learn what is new in childbirth and infant care practices
  • Tour the maternity unit
  • Discuss their roles
  • Receive literature designed just for them
  • Learn what they can do to help new parents after birth.
What I've heard so far, it was an interesting experience. There were only two other people in the class and it seemed to be a very relaxed atmosphere. The grandparents-to-be all chatted about their experiences with their kids while the instructor touched base with the changes/updates since they had kids and then had their tour.

So, I feel it was a great two hours for all of them and appreciate that they did this for the best interest for their grand kids.


Brooke said...

That's awesome! I think that's great that they offer that. Especially since they all have their own opinions on how they did least my mother, grandmother, and aunt do.

Cherish said...

That sounds like a really neat course! Who knows, I may need something like that in 20 years!

hehe my word verification is "babie" awww.